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7 Big Fashion Trends—and How to Sell Them

7 Big Fashion Trends—and How to Sell Them


Your customers don’t have time to follow fashion trends—it’s up to you to school them on what’s hot and why. At Golden State Activewear, we make it easy for you to discover new trends and turn that apparel knowledge into quicker sales.

Here are seven best-selling apparel trends your customers will love, plus helpful tips on how to pitch them.

1. Crop Tops

As summer approaches, cropped shirts—better known as “crop tops”—are popping up at retail and in the promo industry. Crop tops convey a bright, youthful and effortless style, making them great garment choices for schools, universities, Greek organizations, summer camps and even hip fitness brands. Position our crop styles—the Next Level Cali crop and Bella+Canvas crop tanks, tees and the higher-margin Bella+Canvas cropped fleece hoodie—to brands that cater to younger demographics. Cropped fleece hoodies are great layering pieces as well.

Tip: Consider discharge printing and non-traditional locations such as cross-body and cross-seam prints to mirror retail and add value to the already fashion-forward cropped basics.

2. Rambling Red

Red’s known as a power color: Neuroscientists have proven that the human brain lights up when we see different shades of red—and this season, the industry’s taking the cue. Best-selling reddish hues include crimson, crimson fall, heather maroon and mauve.

Tip: With psychology on your side, pitch tanks, tees and hoodies in red’s rich color palette as uniform pieces to restaurant, hospitality, entertainment and other industries that want to garner attention. For companies that regularly attend trade shows, reddish shirts and hoodies are a smart choice.

3. Sustainable Fashion

Conscious consumerism is here to stay. Customers are more interested than ever about where the apparel they buy and wear comes from and how it’s made—and they want to feel good about their decisions. Educate your clients on quality sustainable and recycled fabrics, ethical factories and fair working environments. Our Hanes EcoSmart line, for example, features tees, sweats and hoodies made partially from recycled plastic.

Customers are more interested than ever about where their apparel comes from and how it’s made—and they want to feel good about their decisions.

Tip: Equip yourself with fact sheets and stats—how many bottles are saved from landfills to make the T-shirt or what percentage of the garment is made from recycled materials, for example—to give customers just one more reason to support the lines you show.

4. Living Coral

With our support for Mother Earth in full bloom, it’s no surprise that Pantone’s Color of the Year also connects to a hot-button issue of our times: the health of our oceans. Coral is a vibrant shade of pink-orange that symbolizes health and vitality. Similar shades, such as Bella+Canvas Peach and Independent Trading Co. Blush, can be used to target conscious companies that support environmental causes.

Tip: Pitch coral shades to clean energy companies, marine research organizations and corporations that want employees to make a statement with their company apparel.

5. Neutral Shades

Our lines jazz up neutrals, naming them Prism Natural, Sandstone, Heather Dust and Ice. Across retail and the runways, the idea is clear: neutrals are in. Light beige, pale yellow, and off-whites are on-trend tones you’ll find in our tees, fashion fleece and hat collection. Trucker caps with neutral soft mesh in stone are new this year and trending mightily.

Be creative with the names you use for neutrals, as the way you present them can make or break the deal.

Tip: Neutrals pair nicely with businesses that embrace simple, clean branding and messaging. Think: spas, tech startups and boutique hotels, for starters.

6. Dad Hats

An integral part of apparel sales, hats earn brands tons of impressions. Dad hats, in particular, continue to get more popular. This low-profile, unstructured hat is trending for both men and women, as customers lean toward a more casual look, including at work.

Tip: Depending on your customer’s needs, suggest eye-catching decorations such as
3-D embroidery or stick to subtle stitching with tone-on-tone thread to match the hat’s paneling.

7. Joggers

For customers looking to outfit their tribe or teams in branded bottoms, consider joggers, a trendy and casual pant that people love to wear on the go, to the gym, grocery store and baseball game.

Tip: Joggers are versatile, so we recommend showing classic styles from our Jerzees line to sports teams, fitness clubs and schools, and trendier styles from Next Level and Bella+Canvas to tech, travel and recruiting companies.

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