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7 Smart Social Media Hacks For Small Businesses

7 Smart Social Media Hacks For Small Businesses


Managing your company’s social media platforms can feel like a full-time job (for many people in the tech industry, it is their full-time job).

Luckily, there are tried-and-true hacks for saving you time and money when it comes to generating a substantial following, especially when you don’t have a full-time social media staffer.

In addition to using apps that automate processes like scheduling, posting and analyzing, it’s also important to focus on the basics of human behavior and the psychology behind how people—yourself included—consume media. 

Here are seven tips for optimizing your social media accounts.

1. Partner with established influencers.

An efficient hack for gaining more followers? Partner with established social media influencers. If you’re a decorator who has high-profile clients—or clients with a large social following—ask if they’ll share a photo and a few words about their experience with your business. Sometimes, all it takes is one celebrity-status shout-out and you’ll earn thousands of followers in hours or even minutes!


2. Vary your content.

People want to have new experiences as often as possible. They want to know you understand their needs and have a solution to their problems. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn allow you to post great images, company updates, surveys and quizzes, links to relevant material, videos, and more. Make sure you’re sharing a variety of content to keep your followers excited for the next post. If possible, stick to a regular posting schedule so your people know when to expect your latest video or meme.


We live in a very visual society—consumers want to be entertained without having to read too much.

3. Embrace all the visuals.

It’s no surprise that images and videos perform especially well on social media. After all, we live in a very visual society and consumers want to be entertained—quickly. Share pictures and videos of new imprinting techniques, events where you’re doing some mobile decorating, happy clients wearing your decorated pieces, and even your warehouse or office footage (if you’re doing something interesting). Consumers love transparency, and they’re more likely to envision their brand with your products if they’ve seen how your work can be executed.

The cardinal rule for social media? Don’t go inactive because you may never come back across the radar.

4. Post frequently during peak times.

The cardinal rule for social media: Don’t go inactive because you may never come back across your prospects’ and customers’ radars. Post frequently, but don’t haphazardly post whenever you feel like it. Use analytics to determine high-traffic times and schedule your content on a regular basis to go live when your target audience is online.

5. Create content in advance.

Sharing quality content across your social channels is paramount to attracting new followers. Meet with your staffers to brainstorm on topics and timing for the next month’s social schedule. Studies show people have a whopping eight-second attention span, which means your content must be pertinent, otherwise your potential customers will be swiping left.


6. Take advantage of third-party apps.

For efficiency, look for apps that help you publish to multiple social networks simultaneously, consolidate all of your social content calendars into one platform and aggregate analytics. Popular choices for social media management are HubSpot, MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, Buffer and TweetDeck.


7. Don’t discount hashtags.

While hashtags may seem so last year, they’re still necessary for successful social media channels. Hashtags can increase your reach tremendously and even incentivize customers to share your work. Not sure how to choose hashtags? helps you find trending hashtags based on keywords.

Your main goal on social media is to attract prospects and keep clients interested in how your work can help them with their branding and marketing efforts. Social’s a more casual atmosphere, so you can have fun, have conversations, share educational info (and even joke around), so that potential customers view you as the approachable business with all the expertise.

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